We passionately strive everyday to serve our client's needs, goals, and visions

Your project will benefit from the direct involvement of Carlos and Jason with their combined 45 years of experience in the field of architecture. As leaders of the design team, we place an absolute importance on communication and coordination to ensure that information is not only shared, but also that the overall design vision remains intact.

We believe that great architecture combines Aesthetics and Functionality to create places with meaning. Great buildings are always a reflection of our society and we seek to create beautiful architecture that can provide enriching experiences and become timeless places.


Carlos Sierra




For the past 34 years, Carlos has managed architectural projects covering a wide range of educational facilities. His experience ranges from Programming and Master Planning to Design and Contract Documents and through Specifications and Construction Administration. Carlos has led the deign team on projects ranging from $2 million tenant improvements to $20 million complex new facilities. As the principal and owner of SMA Architects Carlos is committed to creating lasting and memorable architecture with each and every one of his clients. 


Jason Romine




Jason has 15 years of experience specializing in civic projects around the Pacific Northwest. He has designed and managed a range of successful projects; from small interior tenant improvements to large ($80m+) new civic facilities. He has developed long term relationships with each client by listening and caring about their needs from design conception through owner occupancy - and beyond.


All building sites are unique and architecture placed into that site must be unique as well


For a project to be successful the surrounding context must be understood and allowed to shape the design. We believe this shaping should not only come from the immediate context, but should be formed by and connect to the larger community it serves. We create buildings that become part of their communities while elevating the functionality of the building for the occupants. 

The contextual clues must be understood and respected. The building must be unique to its place and  allow the site and culture to help shape the building- enhancing the qualities of:

  • Experience of Approach
  • Sense of Arrival
  • Views
  • Natural Light
  • Connection to Nature
  • Spirit of Place 

Designing meaningful buildings unique for each and every client


Architecture can become an ego driven endeavor with the architect designing for themselves and motivated, not by the client, but by their own unconnected vision. We are not that kind of Architect.  Our designs for each building are unique to its site, culture, and users. This is true of every building we have designed over the past two decades. 

We are supported and constantly guided by five fundamental pillars of Architecture:


These principals inspire us to create great places and client specific architectural experiences. 

We are continuously asking ourselves the most fundamentally important question - Are the design decisions we’re making elevating the ability for teachers to teach and the students to learn?


We, as architects, create wonder and magic in spaces by manipulating light, material, and proportion